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Pretty simple and straightforward. First step is to register at our website using the link at the navigation bar. At this time, you'll also be asked to put on your FaucetPay.io account address. Login to your account now.

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The next step to claim at our website is to pass the anti-bot captcha test. This step is mandatory as there are a lot of bad guys out there who wanna rob the faucet cash pool. This helps us protect against them.

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12250 lucanob 0.00667586 TRX 6m ago
12249 timofey 0.00667586 TRX 7m ago
12248 Karthickpmk 0.00667586 TRX 7m ago
12247 kainbaseo 0.00667586 TRX 7m ago
12246 bogdanlight 0.00667586 TRX 11m ago
12245 artokha 0.00667586 TRX 13m ago
12244 Tamnguyen90 0.00667586 TRX 14m ago
12243 marc 0.00667586 TRX 15m ago
12242 s7karthi 0.00667586 TRX 17m ago
12241 visalis 0.00667586 TRX 20m ago
12240 Sar81 0.00667586 TRX 21m ago
12239 yurchik 0.00667586 TRX 21m ago
12238 karinka 0.00667586 TRX 21m ago
12237 darkfugo 0.00667586 TRX 21m ago
12236 sandheep 0.00667586 TRX 23m ago

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